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Meet the Team

Passion, vision & faith

Step into an extraordinary world of untamed wilderness and heartfelt African hospitality at Bellevue Forest Reserve. Nestled amidst the enchanting landscapes of the malaria-free Eastern Cape in South Africa, our reserve beckons adventurers seeking an unforgettable safari escape. From thrilling encounters with the renowned Big 5 to immersing yourself in the grace of giraffes on leisurely walks, Bellevue Forest Reserve promises an idyllic setting for an unparalleled African safari experience.

Our team embodies the spirit of Bellevue Forest Reserve, each member contributing their unique expertise to create unforgettable safari experiences while promoting conservation and community engagement.

Môrne Kriel

Introducing Môrne Kriel, our Bellevue Forest Reserve’s latest field ranger! 

When he’s not tending to the wild, you’ll find Môrne as the barbeque maestro afterhours, a handy-man in the jungle with a touch of humour. 

This sports enthusiast loves a good match, whether it’s on the field or in the animal kingdom. A true animal lover by day and an adrenaline-junkie by choice, Môrne adds a wild twist to conservation!

Marla Maree

Meet Marla Maree!

Kind & caring soul with a passion for archery and, bookworm at heart, and a creative spirit always thinking outside the box.

Embrace the journey with Marla as she hits the bullseye of life’s adventures!

Bradley Louw

Meet Bradley Louw, the gentle ranger of Bellevue Forest Reserve. 

With a sharp wit and quiet demeanour, Bradley’s intelligence shines as he navigates the wild landscapes, showcasing a unique blend of tranquillity and wilderness expertise.

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