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Our Top 5 reasons…

The most popular and sought after activity at our Eastern Cape destination – Bellevue Forest Reserve and the luxury Elephants Lodge – is the opportunity to walk among giants. Our majestic giraffe are familiar with small groups approaching them on foot, offering a truly incredible experience. Nothing compares to the authenticity of being in the animal’s realm, engaging every sense, under the safe protection of a highly experienced guide. This is undoubtedly the number one memory-maker for a trip to our spectacular Eastern Cape region. After a spellbinding day on foot in the bush, let us pamper you in elegant comfort as you relive the day’s excitement around an evening bonfire under the star-studded African night.

Fascinating Buffalo Facts

Have you ever eyeballed a Cape buffalo at close range? They’re rather large and intimidating! No wonder they are the subject of so many wild bush tales, and the source of many a game ranger’s scars and nightmares.

Giraffe adventures at Bellevue

One of the most popular activities for visitors to Bellevue Forest Reserve (near Paterson in the Greater Addo region of South Africa’s Eastern Cape province) is to get up close, on foot, to our magnificent giraffe. Tracking and walking safaris enable a completely different aspect and appreciation for the enormity of these tree-high giants!

We’ve always been here…. Where are you?

We’ve all had more than enough bad news in recent months. Here at Bellevue Forest Reserve in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, we feel it is time to share the GOOD stuff and remind you that in our wild corner of southern Africa, the natural world carries on without a worry or a care. That is the way it always has been, and lest we have forgotten it, it is high time to reconnect and rediscover our magnificent outdoors.

Take a dip at Bellevue

At Bellevue Forest Reserve’s Elephants Lodge, we are sometimes asked why we do not have a conventional swimming pool. After all, who doesn’t love a long, cool soak on a hot summer’s day? 

Bellevue Christmas Letter 2021

We’ve had some great highlights along the way that have made the tougher issues easier to deal with. One of these was the April launch of our fantastic new land-based Coastal Safaris in the Cape Recife Nature Reserve outside Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth). Our first guests have given us rave reviews and feedback on what is an extremely exciting new outdoor tourist attraction in our corner of the Eastern Cape.

5 Things you need to know about Walking Safaris

Bellevue Forest Reserve in the Eastern Cape of South Africa is one of only a few places where visitors and their families are able to take customised, guided walks among our wildlife. 

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