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Bellevue Christmas Letter 2021

Bellevue Christmas Letter 2021

Dear Friends of Bellevue Forest Reserve

Miracles and gratitude

It seems unbelievable that we have arrived at the end of another year – one full of challenges and surprises!

We’ve had some great highlights along the way that have made the tougher issues easier to deal with. One of these was the April launch of our fantastic new land-based Coastal Safaris in the Cape Recife Nature Reserve outside Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth). Our first guests have given us rave reviews and feedback on what is an extremely exciting new outdoor tourist attraction in our corner of the Eastern Cape.

Then, in the middle of the most severe drought in living memory, we experienced the miracle of water in the form of a borehole, thanks to the generosity of donors including Vortex Optics (USA). Truly a wondrous sight that brought tears of joy to all who witnessed it!

We’ve managed to retain all of our staff, despite the economic ups and downs, offering them dignity and stability in supporting their dependants.

We’ve also welcomed a host of new animal life onto our expansive reserve, from majestic lions to endearing meerkats, enhancing the wild encounters that our guests may enjoy on their guided game drives. And our plans to grow, build, adapt, improve and expand continue with the same enthusiasm and passion with which we approach everything we do and believe in.

The biggest highlight of all, as far as we are concerned, is the wonderful visitors and agents who have supported us this year. Without you, we could not do any of these projects and we are sincerely grateful.

And so, as we approach the most miraculous season of the calendar year, we thank you all for entrusting us to create magical holidays and lifelong memories.

May you be truly blessed this Christmas!

Loodt and the Bellevue team


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