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Our Top 5 reasons…

The most popular and sought after activity at our Eastern Cape destination – Bellevue Forest Reserve and the luxury Elephants Lodge – is the opportunity to walk among giants. Our majestic giraffe are familiar with small groups approaching them on foot, offering a truly incredible experience. Nothing compares to the authenticity of being in the animal’s realm, engaging every sense, under the safe protection of a highly experienced guide. This is undoubtedly the number one memory-maker for a trip to our spectacular Eastern Cape region. After a spellbinding day on foot in the bush, let us pamper you in elegant comfort as you relive the day’s excitement around an evening bonfire under the star-studded African night.

Fascinating Buffalo Facts

Have you ever eyeballed a Cape buffalo at close range? They’re rather large and intimidating! No wonder they are the subject of so many wild bush tales, and the source of many a game ranger’s scars and nightmares.

Newborn Animals at Bellevue

Who doesn’t LOVE the sight of newborn animals and fresh, vibrant life all around them? I’m here to share the news that there are newborn animals at Bellevue, and we’re looking forward to introducing them to you! After a long, hard season (in more ways than one), there is nothing as reassuring and life-enhancing than witnessing the […]

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