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“We love rolling up our sleeves & helping our partner communities”

Bellevue Forest Reserve’s Foundation is the philanthropic arm of our reserve. The Foundation funds educational, community and environmental projects in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province and seeks to help fulfil the promise of our local communities through investment in sustainable projects that improve people’s lives and preserve our natural surroundings.

The impact of the global corona-virus pandemic has left none of us untouched, impacting our loved ones, our businesses, our freedom of movement – the very way we live, work, socialise and experience the world has forever changed.

None have been hit harder than the most vulnerable among us. With the Eastern Cape region of South Africa being the most poverty-stricken of all, the disastrous impact has been felt more severely here than anywhere else. Bellevue Forest Reserve has been extremely relieved to be able to retain ALL of our staff during the past few months, as we recognise the critical role employment plays in the survival of our community families.

In recent seasons several guests have assisted us in honouring our commitment by ‘packing for a purpose’ and bringing clothes for our toddlers and staff along with their family members. Other valued gifts were items such as Bibles and educational Christian-based items.
Funding through guests’ initiatives were greatly appreciated. The lives of every child in our care centres and that of the children on the reserve itself has improved significantly through these generous gestures.

Become part of this great initiative by emailing us on and leave your imprint on the heart of the toddlers in our care.

Any donations contribute 100% to supporting the food and health needs of our staff and their families during this time, and can be made by clicking on the picture below:

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