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Scenic Flights

A window on our magnificent world

An incredible adventure that can be organised through Bellevue Forest Reserve for our guests is the opportunity to take a helicopter flight over the visually stunning Eastern Cape region, taking in the extraordinary combination of dense bushveld and terrestrial wildlife, together with the vast dunes and coastline.

From the comfortable cabin of a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter, get a bird’s-eye view of Bellevue Forest Reserve and its breath-taking surroundings. Purple mountains cradle fynbos far below to the north, while herds of animals appear below you.

Truly the experience of a lifetime with the possibility of spotting both elephant and whales in one short flight! From the curling aquamarine waves to crisp mountain air beneath you, soar through mountain peaks amongst the clouds and see glorious sunsets from up high.

Viewing wildlife from above means you won’t disturb any of our wonderful creatures far down on earth and at the same time giving you a superb glimpse into their natural world.

Why not fly over the iconic Zuurberg Mountain Range to Port Elizabeth? Or to the majestic Karoo for a Karoo-style picnic? Thinking of an unforgettable way to propose marriage? An aerial tour can easily incorporate all of these and more. Tell us your dream and we will make it happen!

Details: Scenic flights may be booked for 2 or more passengers. Flying time total is 15 minutes; Excursion total of 1.5 hours. All drinks are included. This activity is an extra charge for all guests or day visitors

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