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Counting stars

Counting stars

Experience something truly magical – stargazing in the Eastern Cape, South Africa! Enjoy dark and clear skies full of stars, far away from light pollution and city life. Explore the night sky in one of the best places for star gazing, and discover a whole new universe.

Here’s a guide

Before you set off, it’s important to select the right spot for stargazing. The Eastern Cape has many great locations with stellar visibility and intense starlight, such as Jeffreys Bay, Port Alfred, Bathurst, St. Francis Bay, Bushman’s River Mouth and definitely at Bellevue Forest’s Stargazer Camp. Be sure to check the weather forecast ahead of time to ensure clear skies! Bring a pair of binoculars or telescope, blankets and snacks so that you can enjoy the night comfortably. Lastly, check the moon calendar if you want to do some moon gazing – the best moonscapes usually appear during a crescent or new moon phase.

Check What Equipment You Need

Before you head out for a nighttime session, it’s important to check what kind of equipment you will need. Binoculars are great for more detailed views, while telescopes offer the greatest clarity and magnification. Don’t forget your camera and tripod too—you’ll be able to capture breathtaking photographs of star clusters, far-reaching nebulae, and the Milky Way!

Uncover the Night Sky with an Astronomy App

When you take a break from the sights, the stars and their stories will come alive with astronomy apps. Perfect for beginners, these apps allow you to discover more about constellations by tapping on them to learn stories of Greek mythology. Navigate the night sky even further with augmented reality capabilities while keeping track of astronomical events such as meteor showers, moon phases or eclipses.

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