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Karoo Table

Karoo Farm Table

Karoo Farm Table

Wouldn’t you love to experience a one-of-a-kind dining South African extravaganza, fully immersed in the raw and rugged beauty of our back country? 

Our latest curated adventure offers just that – a superb taste of what makes our land so special. 

Born of the desire to honour the heart and integrity of our unique Karoo region, we are delighted to bring you our latest tailored experience in the Behold Collection – an authentic culinary adventure we call the Karoo Farm Table.

The Karoo defies description – a hinterland landscape of purity, honesty, and the raw spirit of ancient Africa. It is here that the soul can breathe in the awesome infinite space of the vast open plateau. World-renowned for the most delicious produce (especially our lamb) we have the greatest pleasure in inviting guests to enjoy a spectacular dining experience in nature’s amphitheatre.

“The crystal clear, star-studded nights provide the perfect canopy for al fresco fine dining, enhanced by the splendour of oil lamps, candles or twinkling fairy lights. The stage is set for a night of magic and masterful cuisine. Course after course of the best that our local farmers provide. Wines worthy of awards. Wholesome fresh produce bursting with flavour, delighting the tastebuds with nuances of Karoo-bossies and natural herbs, grazed by free-ranging animals in a sun- soaked land.”



Our open-air restaurant is little over an hour’s drive from Port Elizabeth via the N10 tar road, a smooth an excellent scenic road that winds up from the coastal lowlands to the top of the verdant Olifantskop mountains, before dipping down into the distinctly drier and more open Karoo. Most South Africans won’t even know this secret area, far off the beaten track. It’s just one of the amazing discoveries of the multi-layered facets of our awesome land. The journey here is part of the unfolding adventure…


The experience

From our parking area, a short, easy stroll through the veld brings you to a beautiful meeting spot, where guests will begin their experience with a welcome drink and a selection of fine meats, cheeses, and condiments.

From here, we make our way to the highlight of the evening: The Karoo Farm Table, decorated by the subtle khaki and earth-toned hues of nature and enhanced by us to offer the full theatre of fine bush dining. The greatest care is taken to ensure that every aspect of the evening is of the finest quality, from furnishings, linen, tableware to – naturally – the five-star menu.

Under a canopy of stars and the rising moon, you will be presented with three lovingly prepared courses, each beautifully paired with the best of South Africa’s wines. Our chefs imbue each dish with 100% passion and care to ensure that YOU enjoy every delicious mouthful.

The menu offers a taste our exceptional Karoo lamb, beef or impala meat, accompanied by the freshest vegetables. With each bite, you will taste the quality of genuine farm-to-fork produce. 


Our promise




The Karoo Farm Table is an event that our guests will remember and speak of for years to come. 

We promise the true taste of Africa.


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