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Stargazer Camp

Become part of the endless expanse of the heavens

Shielded by the enveloping forest deep in the game reserve, spend a night or two under the open sky in a cocoon of luxuriously soft bedding. Walls and roofs are replaced by trees strung with twinkling lights and the only barrier between you and nature is the gauzy film of draped netting – but mosquitoes won’t be bothering you here. The whisper of the trees will hush you to sleep, the magical illumination of a billion stars offer a skylight view like no other.

Count shooting stars as they cross the mighty Milky Way arching above. A more romantic setting would be hard to come by and the sheer adventure of the experience is unbeatable.

Stargazer is properly off the grid and runs on green principles. With only three ‘suites’ spaced far enough apart for total privacy and separated by a central, cosy fire pit, guests feel alone in the vast universe. Winding sand paths, outdoor showers and toilets form part of the experience.

Stargazer Camp is exclusively for adult guests, and includes delicious African cuisine served under the boughs of majestic trees along with chef and butler service. A genuine five-star guest adventure!

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The Stargazer Camp is ideal for audacious visitors to Africa looking to explore authentic overnight safari options offering a very rustic, camp atmosphere in a carbon free environment.The camp is located inside one of Bellevues forgotten railway culverts.

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