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Newborn Animals at Bellevue

Newborn Animals at Bellevue

Who doesn’t LOVE the sight of newborn animals and fresh, vibrant life all around them? I’m here to share the news that there are newborn animals at Bellevue, and we’re looking forward to introducing them to you!

After a long, hard season (in more ways than one), there is nothing as reassuring and life-enhancing than witnessing the birth of the next generation in the wild, just as nature intended.

It restores our faith and hope that all will be okay.

Here at Bellevue Forest Reserve in the Eastern Cape, within our 2500 protected hectares of rambling wild vegetation and rugged mountainous terrains, our multitude of animals are going about their usual business of eating, sleeping, and of course procreating.

Our baboons, monkeys and warthogs all have young ‘mini-me’ versions popping out as spring unfolds.

And it was with huge excitement that we spotted the first springbok lambs recently – too elusive to photograph yet, such is the protective instinct of mother and offspring. 

The next youngsters to rear their teeny, tufted heads above the shrubs of Bellevue Forest Reserve were two newly dropped giraffe – all gangly-legged and fluffy.

There really is very little in this world as cute as a baby giraffe.

FUN FACT: Did you know that a baby giraffe weighs over 45 kilograms (or more than 100 pounds) at birth, and stands six feet tall? 

And that the birthing mother drops the baby some eight feet to the ground – a rather rude start to life! 

One of the highlights in the Bellevue range of guest activities is a giraffe tracking safari on foot – the best way to truly appreciate the sheer height of these gorgeous animals. (See more on our website about our sought-after walking safari in South Africa)

Another hugely exciting introduction for us is one of the most endearing creatures that Disney made world-famous – meerkats! 

Yes, there’s no need to travel to the Kalahari to enjoy the antics of these entertaining and heart-warming little mites.

We released an initial six and continue to spot them on the reserve, but to our delight, we recently discovered another colony of meerkats on the western side of our reserve, comprising about 15 adults with seven very young babies.  

We cannot wait to show them to our guests, and we just know it will be love at first sight.

All around us, life is blossoming, flourishing and multiplying. 

It lifts the spirits and gladdens one’s heart to know that God is silently at work, as the circle of life continues.

As one of South Africa’s finest examples of responsible tourism, offering incredible guest experiences, volunteer conservation projects including wildlife conservation volunteering and outstanding nature reserve accommodation in our Elephants Lodge, Bellevue Forest Reserve will tailor the perfect getaway for you.

Come and join us on our wild and wonderful treasure hunt to spot the newest members of our protected area.

We can’t wait to share new life with YOU, soon!




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