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Conservation Volunteer Programme

Giving back, one project at a time

Looking for volunteer work that is fun, varying and educational? Do you love animals and nature and would love to work with the local communities? Then this volunteer workplace will be perfect for you. During a 4-8- or 12-week program you can help with different projects which will never let you feel bored, due the wide variety: Research projects, conservation management, additional conservation activities and practical education and theory.

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Research projects
During the research projects you will keep yourself busy with monitoring animals like the Cape Buffalo, Cape Mountain Zebra and predators on the reserve, through trail cameras. Supervise their activities in progress and learn of their behavior. It is also important to keep an eye on nature, through valley ticket and Cycad monitoring and census.

Conservation management
You will help the conservation management, which means helping with the maintenance of the area. The tasks exist of helping a bee farming project, litter and clean up patrols, light maintenance of road and other crucial infrastructure such as fence lines and eradication of alien and invasive plant species.

Additional conservation activities
Other activities you might be involved with are assisting the local communities with activities like cleaning, day care work, painting of schools and classrooms, light repairs of buildings and helping outreach program. Furthermore, you will help with reforestation projects, which can also make a big difference for the area and community. Nursing work in the reserves nurseries would be a big daily task.

Practical and theory
In addition to all the work, there must also be room to learn something. That is why you will participate in game drives, where you will learn how to track animals. Furthermore, there will be sleep outs on a camping, stargazing walks and you will learn some field skills.

All in all, the projects are relaxed, educational and will be a lot of fun to do. A basic accommodation with solar energy is offered, where you will live together with a maximum of 4 students. The house has two bedrooms that are shared and you will share the kitchen and outside separate shower as well. You don’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning. There is a cleaning lady that will clean the house and a lady that will prepare 2 meals day.

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