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Bellevue Forest reserve is more than a destination. We offer an immersive, connected experience – a discovery of the multi-faceted bounty of nature and a soul connection to the world around us. Here, 165 bird species, buffalo, leopard, giraffe, eland, kudu, and other wildlife find refuge among some of the most scenic and wholesome landscapes to be found anywhere. We know you will too. A short drive from the renowned Addo Elephant National Park, guests are offered two significantly different experiences in the heart of nature – the gracious and elegant 4-star rated Elephant Lodge or the wildly romantic Stargazer Camp. Enhance your stay by adding some of our authentic experiences to make your stay that much more memorable.

Addo Girrafe


Possibly the most distinctive animal of all, the skyscrapers of Africa dominate the treetops of our bushveld. An exhilarating, authentic African experience is to join a giraffe tracking safari on foot in our 2500-hectare private game reserve.

Addo Cheetah


Guests are treated to close encounters with a large variety of game species, including lion, elephant, buffalo, zebra, rhino, crocodile and many more. Drives are guided by an experienced and knowledgeable game ranger in comfortable open-air safari vehicles.

Scenic Flights at Bellevue Forest Reserve

Scenic Flights

An incredible adventure that can be organised through Bellevue Forest Reserve for our guests is the opportunity to take a helicopter flight over the visually stunning Eastern Cape region, taking in the extraordinary combination of dense bushveld and terrestrial wildlife, together with the vast dunes and coastline.



Bellevue Forest Reserve offers exclusive, personalised wildlife tours to the Addo Elephant National Park, home of the free ranging ‘Big 5’ wildlife and so much more. On these tours you will experience breath-taking wildlife sightings that only our area can provide.

African Buffalo

Buffalo Encounters

Experience an African safari like no other by joining our buffalo encounters. A behind-the-scenes glimpse at the management of these iconic animals, this extraordinary excursion brings guests right up close to our Cape buffalo as they are fed and monitored daily.



Experience something truly magical – stargazing in the Eastern Cape, South Africa! Enjoy dark and clear skies full of stars, far away from light pollution and city life. Explore the night sky in one of the best places for star gazing, and discover a whole new universe.

Messages at Bellevue Forest Reserve

Beauty Treatments

Wellness and relaxation are key attractions during a visit to Bellevue Forest Reserve. While we are working on developing our own inhouse Wellness Centre, guests at present can make use of the facilities of the Addo Indlovu Spa, situated in the nearby Addo Elephant National Park.

Forest Showers

Forest Bathing

Ancient forests and champagne air. One of the purest pockets of virgin forest on the planet. Inhale the energy and soak up the life force. Know that you are home.

Experience the Majestic Wilderness

Escape from the everyday into a world of big skies, untamed bush, and a warm African welcome on a safari adventure at Bellevue Forest Reserve in the malaria-free Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Walk with giraffe, experience the Big 5 up close and personal, see the wild differently on a stargazing safari, explore colonial history and a forgotten railway village, ride the waves with whales and sharks in a conservation area stretching from mountains to ocean.

Greater Addo Game Lodges

Gracious luxury, refined elegance and authentic Eastern Cape charm

Our lodges, all in a beautiful and natural setting inside Bellevue Forest Reserve in Greater Addo, guarantees guests breath taking views of the rolling hills, landscapes and most majestic sunrises and sunsets. For nature lovers the lodges features the opportunities to see wild animals from very close and or from our viewing decks.

Backed by luxury accommodation – where comforts, service, food and wine are equally well-considered – this is a safari in style, an African original. That being said, each Bellevue Forest lodge has its own special appeal. The one for you will depend entirely on who you are, and what you are looking for. Let us help guide you in choosing the right one for your stay…

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