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About Bellevue Forest

Passion, vision & faith

Bellevue Forest Reserve is owned by the Buchner family, and about the realisation of a passion to be part of the ecological restoration of natural wildscapes and original wildlife corridors. This is where nature’s heartbeat is felt, and where healing and restoration happen. We place special interest in the preservation of endangered flora and fauna, including the flightless dung beetle. Our reserve is a haven for people and animals alike.

Community beneficiation is a key aspect of our responsible tourism model and for this reason we started the Foundation as the philanthropic arm of Bellevue Forest Reserve. The Foundation funds sustainable projects in educational, community and environmental projects in the Eastern Cape, seeking to help improve people’s lives and preserve our natural surroundings. Guests are welcome to participate in our community activities and be part of the upliftment of those less fortunate.

Part of a monumental conservation initiative, Bellevue Forest Reserve is on the brink of incredible partnerships and plans for expansion that will enable the reintroduction of species such as elephant and rhino on lands as far as the eye can see.

About Conservation Volunteer Programme

Looking for volunteer work that is fun, varying and educational? Do you love animals and nature and would love to work with the local communities? Then this volunteer workplace will be perfect for you. During a 4-8- or 12-week program you can help with different projects which will never let you feel bored, due the wide variety: Research projects, conservation management, additional conservation activities and practical education and theory.

About Responsible Tourism at Bellevue

Here at Bellevue retake our responsibility to look after the land, wildlife and communities that share in our space.

Our community support, anti-poaching, bee keeping and reforestation projects are in full swing and your visit to Bellevue Forest Reserve assists us in ensuring that we can continue with our various projects and initiatives.

Click through to explore our projects and help us keep doing the work we are doing by making a donation if you are able to.

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