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Buffalo Encounters

No physical interaction is permitted with wild animals

Experience an African safari like no other by joining our buffalo encounters. A behind-the-scenes glimpse at the management of these iconic animals, this extraordinary excursion brings guests right up close to our Cape buffalo as they are fed and monitored daily. Based on a section of our 2500-hectare private nature reserve in the Greater Addo region, this unique experience offers a glimpse into the natural habitat of these amazing animals as you drive through the Buffalo Camp. (No physical interaction is permitted with these wild animals.)

A maximum of 10 guests are privileged to participate on a vehicle tour, guided by one of our game rangers who provides information on this renowned ‘Big 5’ species.

Tours last between 45-60 minutes. Morning tours depart from Elephants Lodge daily at 07h30 and are followed by a scrumptious breakfast served at our Eagles Nest Lookout Lounge.

Afternoon tours leave camp late in the day for a 45-minute visit to the Buffalo Camp. As the day draws to a close, creating picturesque views, guests are entertained in the bush for sundowner drinks and snacks before ending the day back at Elephants Lodge.

Day visitors and groups are welcome to book this tour. An excellent day’s activities would be the combination of the buffalo encounter and the giraffe tracking experience.

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