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How Bellevue is Committed to Responsible Tourism in South Africa

How Bellevue is Committed to Responsible Tourism in South Africa

The term ‘Responsible Tourism’ is one that is bandied about quite a bit these days – but what does responsible tourism in South Africa actually mean? And how can YOU, as a traveller, ensure that what you do and how you do it is ‘responsible’?

Did you know? South Africa was the first country to include Responsible Tourism in its national tourism policy in 1996.

By adhering to the principle, ‘t​​he tourism sector and tourists take responsibility to protect and conserve the natural environment, respect and conserve local cultures and ways of life, and contribute to stronger local economies and a better quality of life for local people.’

Which ties right in with our ethos at Bellevue Forest Reserve!

Founded on the grounding principles that we are part of the whole, part of the solution, and part of nature, our family-owned nature and wildlife reserve has from inception created innovative ways to fund, support and grow other initiatives in the communities around us. In a country of great disparities, and particularly in the poorest economic region of South Africa, we do not underestimate the enormous role we play in uplifting our fellow citizens. That is OUR responsibility – and that is where our valued visitors enable us to do so.

The role an international traveller plays in supporting small, local businesses and communities, as well as owner-run businesses that provide employment and training, is absolutely vital.

Every bed night, activity and meal enjoyed at either our elegant Elephants Lodge or wildly adventurous Stargazer Camp, enables us to employ and upskill staff.

  • It offers opportunity, pride and confidence to breadwinners, education for their children, and hope.
  • It enables us to put more into our extensive conservation efforts, protecting animals and habitat.
  • It allows new community projects to grow – like our bee keeping initiative.
  • It engenders a greater understanding of our essence as a nation and the warm embrace of Africa and her people.

So – while you enjoy the holiday of a lifetime as a guest in our beautiful paradise, the knowledge that by doing so you are also changing and improving lives will make the experience all the sweeter.

Your visit is 100% directly beneficial to our people AND our wildlife.

Our goal is to thank you by offering an out-of-this-world experience and priceless memories. Whether you choose a game walk among our giraffe; a buffalo encounter with veterinary activities; a sunset drive or a dawn chorus of birdsong; a star-studded celestial walk; luxurious spa treatments; immersive forest bathing walks… or just soak up the champagne air (with a glass of something bubbly) …

Whichever way you choose to spend your precious vacation days at Bellevue, you are part of the solution and enormously instrumental in contributing to the wellbeing and development of our country and the preservation of what makes it so special.

And THAT is Responsible Tourism in South Africa.

We are ready to welcome the world to Bellevue Forest Reserve!



If you’re interested in reading more about South Africa’s guiding principles regarding Responsible Tourism, visit


How Bellevue is Committed to Responsible Tourism in South Africa


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