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Take a dip at Bellevue

Take a dip at Bellevue

At Bellevue Forest Reserve’s Elephants Lodge, we are sometimes asked why we do not have a conventional swimming pool. After all, who doesn’t love a long, cool soak on a hot summer’s day? 

So here is our little secret – what we have is far better. More authentic and healthy than a chlorinated body of water, our traditional ‘mineral pool’ is filled with the purest spring water, sourced from deep within our pristine mountains, unsullied by any artificial chemicals or pollutants. 

For centuries, people around the world have acknowledged the benefits of a soothing immersion in mineral water. It truly is one of life’s most elemental escapes to bathe in the open beneath the wide-open skies and sunshine.

At Bellevue, our African farm-style reservoir pool keeps temperatures refreshing all season long. Kind to the skin as well as the environment, this novel attraction offers yet another oasis of peace and pleasure in the champagne air of our mountaintop lodge. 

Take the plunge!

Our traditional African farm pool is filled with 100% pure skin-friendly mountain water to soothe your body, mind and soul.

Jump in – we know you’ll love it!


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