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We’ve always been here…. Where are you?

We’ve always been here…. Where are you?

We’ve all had more than enough bad news in recent months. Here at Bellevue Forest Reserve in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, we feel it is time to share the GOOD stuff and remind you that in our wild corner of southern Africa, the natural world carries on without a worry or a care. That is the way it always has been, and lest we have forgotten it, it is high time to reconnect and rediscover our magnificent outdoors.

Is travel to South Africa, and more specifically, Bellevue, safe? A resounding YES!  We are naturally remote and about as far from congestion, crowding and chaos as an island in the ocean. Getting here is so much easier than you’d think though. International visitors are WELCOME in South Africa, adhering to the accepted worldwide COVID-19 protocols. With a negative PCR test in hand, there is NO quarantine or isolation period – you can go straight into enjoying your holiday from day one! And all our resort staff are vaccinated and trained in the strictest hygiene protocols to ensure that you are in the best hands.

Is travelling now a GOOD IDEA? We can’t think of a better one – nor a better time to do it. If you’ve ever wished to visit but hesitated, rest assured – numbers are lower than usual. By that we mean the number of people, as well as the costs. We know it’s been extremely tough for everyone, and our packages are affordable, realistic and offer value-for-money. 

We realise that the situation regarding travel bans is dynamic and constantly fluctuating, which is why WE are flexible too. We are committed to making sure that your experience will be as smooth as possible.

Our airports are spotlessly sanitised and professional, and never have they been less busy. From Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport, a short flight to the regional airport in Port Elizabeth will bring you to within an hour’s drive of Bellevue, perched at the apex of a forested mountain range near the small settlement of Paterson.

Our wildlife and beautiful African landscapes are havens of solitude and splendid isolation, the very epitome of ‘social distancing’. (You could say that this is where the concept was invented). Our accommodation is private and well-spaced, and natural sunshine and open-air vehicles are just what the doctor ordered.

Here you can lose yourself in magical forests or misty mountains, with views to forever. 

Here, the pure energy and oxygen revitalises and renews the spirit. 

Here, you will encounter the original wild, beating heart of Africa. 

Here, you can explore our magnificent coastline and marine diversity.

Here, you can see dozens of big game species, hundreds of birds, and a million stars in a deeply dark sky. 

And you will leave, reluctantly, knowing that you have found your way home at last, because we are, after all, children of Africa.

Lastly – we’d like you to know just how valued and important you are to us and the many families we support through our tourism operations. Your visit enables us to continue our vital role as conservators and protectors of our wild heritage, as well as keeping our staff employed. So please do keep referring us to friends and relatives for a genuine, tailormade African adventure!

We’d really love to host you soon!

Loodt Buchner and the Bellevue team


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