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Secrets of the forest at Stargazer Camp

Secrets of the forest at Stargazer Camp

Which of us adults don’t have a fond memory or fantasy about living in a magical ‘fort’ or treehouse at some point during our childhood?

(If not – now is the time to discover the sheer joy and freedom of it!)

A place all of our own, probably where parents were not allowed. A special sanctuary away from harm, noise, or interference where we were just allowed to be free ranging children with wild imaginations.

But that was then, and this is now. We are grown up with responsibilities, burdens, demands, decisions and above all, the endless clamour of daily noise and traffic.

Or.… perhaps we COULD find that special place, all over again, but this time especially for adults? With thick, downy duvets, crisp white linen, gauzily draped bug nets under a canopy of trees and the infinite beauty of the Milky Way – and five-star cuisine and drinks provided by a personal butler as well!

Shielded by the enveloping forest deep within the Bellevue Forest game reserve, our guests at the extraordinary Stargazer Camp spend a night or two under the open sky in this blissful cocoon of luxury. Under twinkling nights and a sky full of stars, the whisper of the trees will hush you to sleep in the loving embrace of Mother Nature as you count shooting stars across the inky night sky above.

A more romantic setting would be hard to come by and the sheer adventure of the experience is unbeatable. This is escapism extraordinaire, with all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks.

Stargazer is properly off the grid and runs on green principles. With only three ‘suites’ spaced far enough apart for total privacy and separated by a central, cosy fire pit, guests feel alone in the vast universe. Winding sand paths, outdoor showers and toilets form part of the experience. It’s incredible just how quickly and completely one’s city defences drop, and our natural instincts come into play.

The Stargazer Camp bush immersion experience includes delicious African cuisine served under the boughs of majestic trees along with chef and butler service. A genuinely unique, adults-only guest adventure for the inner child in everyone!

Find out more today to book your most memorable escape yet.

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